Fragnet Hosting Review

If you live in Europe, then FragNET are a wise option. Being an EA Ranked Service provider, offering unlimited slots (players), world size, unrestricted pluggins, a disk space of 50Gb in fair use, as well as the option to upload your own world and also offers an Offline-mode option.

Pricing is dependent upon your choice of RAM and ranges from 536Mb (1-12 Slots) $13.12 to 8Gb (1-150 Slots) for $157.39. Fragnet machines use high end enterprise components and the Control panel feature allows you to install hmod/craftbukkit and additional pluggins with a simple mouse click. You also get free Mumble (voice server) up to 10 players.

Fragnet is a host with a good reputation and reasonable prices however if you want to go with a host that has been proven to be reliable as one of the top minecraft server hosts then Gameservers is your best bet. Gameservers gets you instant activation, FTP access, optional free website a 100% 5-day Refund guarantee. and all instances come with Minecraft My Admin (McMyAdmin) installed with configurable daily backups.

Fragnet Server Locations

Networks are located in; Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cheltenham, UK, Frankfurt, Germany, Stockholm, Sweden, Ashburn US, Atlanta US, Buffalo US, Chicago US, Dallas US, New York City US, San Jose US, Seattle US.

Here are two of the most popular options from Fragnet:

1-20 players:

Fragnet                 768 MB RAM                   –                           $10.00/Month (EU)   

You might also want to check a similar plan from Gameservers which offers a huge 1280 MB RAM for $10 more:

Gameservers       1280 MB RAM                 –                           $24.95/Month (US)   

 1-40 players

For a reasonable $20 Fragnet provides hosting with 2 GB RAM

Fragnet               2 GB RAM                            –                    $20.00/Month (EU)  


Average customer rating 4/5

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